Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time with Sarah

I took four days off from work to spend undistracted time with my daughter Sarah who came back for her summer holidays. One of the things I enjoy most is listening and talking to her. We both have the same temperament or rather she is the chip of the old block. Sarah is a good listener and I find that she possesses the rare gift of giving a person her full presence when one talks to her. That is why many love to talk to her because they can unload their problems to an exceptionally good listener. She makes you feel important and feel that you are worth listening to. In just nine months in Calvin College reading English Literature, she has grown intellectually and spiritually. She is a good conversationalist as her knowledge has been broadened and deepened through American education system. Listening to her gives me great pleasure and satisfaction.

Sarah and Sam get along extremely well. They can talk for hours. They often tell us that they are having ‘deep conversation.’ It’s a joy to see the sister and brother enjoying each other’s company immensely. This sibling close relationship is also a gift from God. Constance and I have been spared from the heartaches of sibling rivalry and fights between Sarah and Sam. Sam truly admires and loves his sister dearly and deeply. Sarah cares a great deal for her brother. She genuinely enjoys Sam's creativity and fun-loving nature.

We went to BORDERS, a book room which is like heaven to us. Sarah shares my keen interest in reading. When we reached the place, she headed straight to the literature section while I made my way to the religion corner. We knew exactly what we wanted. With stacks of books in our hands, the cashier at the counter was beaming with broad smile. It was a sheer pleasure to buy books for Sarah as she seldom made demand on me.

I told her to walk gingerly when we made our way through the front door of our house. I thought Constance will give us a shelling for going overboard. I have spent my entire holiday money on buying books. To my surprise Constance was rather cheery. Sarah seems to have a way with her mum. It is very difficult for anyone to be angry with Sarah. She is an obedient daughter, thoughtful and considerate, a straight ‘A’ student since primary one and with the GPA score of 3.96 for the first year in college, how would any parent be unhappy. She is very pleasant to live with and makes us look good as parents.

This morning I became her chauffeur taking her to her former school and to 1 Utama to meet up with her friends. She visited her students whom she taught during her gap year. They were fond of her and her visit warmed their hearts. How many teachers border to visit their students and show their love? She counseled and encouraged a student who is going though family crisis. She is unselfish with her time and incarnational with her touch. She remembers her schoolmates and initiated to meet up. The little gesture reveals that Sarah treasures friendship. Such qualities endear her to many.

I treasure this father-daughter relationship. It’s a gift from God.

The church will celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday. My heart is already filled with joy as we spent quiet moment reminiscing many fond memories. Sarah is flourishing and blooming as a person. What greater joy can it be than seeing your daughter walking with God and blossoming with great potentials.


worldwindows said...

Yes, Amen! A gift from God. I am glad that I am able to re-adjust my career the next 3 years to walk my son through his teenage years. Time well invested.

Samuel said...


Don't stop blogging!!!


Ron Choong said...

FY, so nice to read about your kids. Look forward to meeting them some time.

May God continue to bless you and Constance as parents to the next generation.

Ron Choong