Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Man to Watch

The Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng was full of praise in his speech for this young man at the wedding dinner. It was a heartwarming evening for me to hear several politicians praising Steven Sim. These were not political speeches but wedding addresses. These were expressions from the hearts with no garnishing. I cheekily posted on the facebook my prediction that in 20 years time Steven Sim will take over Guan Eng as the CM of Penang.

At the age of 29 Steven possesses 3 qualities that we look for in our politicians: intelligent, passion and integrity. When Steven was studying in University Malaya for his Computer Engineering degree, he was also reading Law as a hobby. The articles he wrote reflect his mental sharpness and his girl friend then thought that Steven plagiarized some authors from Oxford University. He was that good. Joreen, his girl friend fell in love with his mind. There is such a thing called ‘beautiful mind.’ Steven is now reading Master of Philosophy. This is not a surprise as I have noticed his love for philosophy since in his University days. He is incredibly intelligent. He learns fast

Many years ago, I ear marked Steven to either be a pastor or a seminary lecturer. I encouraged him to study theology. What I did not know was that his theological knowledge and thinking was already way ahead of an average pastor. But God has a different script for this young man. Steven gravitated more and more to politics. Pastor John Newton, who initially wanted William Wilberforce to study theology to become a pastor, recognized that God had called William Wilberforce to politics. His friend William Pitt assisted William Wilberforce in making the decision. Good that William did not become a pastor, otherwise slavery trade might continue unabated to present century. I affirmed Steven’s calling to serve God in political arena. That explains his passion. Steven is the youngest Councilor ever appointed. He was so eager to get back to work that he wanted to postpone his honeymoon. Can you beat that? He did go for his honeymoon after the wedding as I told him that this is non-negotiable.

Steven is a man of integrity. His political mentor Chong Eng attested to his character. I could see that this man is uncorrupted because he is a God fearing man. He is surrounded by a group of DAP comrades who are uncorrupted. Such political culture of not taking bribery but serving the rakyat with humility, influences Steven to be the kind of politicians that the nation most needed.

People often asked me what is it that kept me going as a pastor, what brings joy to my heart? It is this: to see your mentorees found their calling and serving God faithfully and doing little things with great love for the people.