Saturday, April 24, 2010

In Christ Alone

Sitting in the front row with the full view of Kristyn and Keith Getty leading the worship was like being transported into the throne room of God. “In Christ Alone” is my favorite song. Kristyn has an angelic voice but what came across powerfully is the way she expressed her devotion to Christ. It just comes from within and flows out naturally to the external.

I chatted with Keith and Kristyn and found them to be friendly. Keith co-wrote the song “In Christ Alone” with Stuart Townend when he was 25. Ten years later Keith is an accomplished modern hymn writer. His musicality through the piano playing is unique. I invited them to come to Malaysia and to conduct hymns and songs writing workshop. They responded enthusiastically. I told them to come for holidays.

They left for home in Ireland after the concert, which they hosted for the World Reformed Fellowship General assembly. Two days later the airport in Edinburgh was shut and no fly zone was imposed throughout UK. We were stuck in Edinburgh but her songs and hymns reverberated in my mind and heart for a long time.

Kristyn and Keith are both young and God is using them to bless the church worldwide. The songs are theologically sound and with depth, poetic and catchy. They grip your heart and move your emotion. They bring you closer to God. I never expect to meet them at the World Reformed Fellowship General Assembly. It is a treat from God.


Sharon Amrita said...

WOW! that's so wonderful! Hope they will come over to malaysia, and we'll get the chance to meet them in person! =)

on a different note, so glad to hear you're back, and looking fwd to see u soon! =)

Wong Fong Yang said...

You will love to meet Kristyn and Keith Getty. They have much to share their experience of songs and hymns writing with us. Hope that one day it will materialize.