Saturday, May 16, 2009

A dream half comes through

Education is more than shaping the mind. Calvin College in Grand Rapids has consistently produced outstanding graduates in America. But what I like about this college is also its ethos of molding the hearts of the students. John Calvin’s words are imprinted on the wall plaque “My heart I offer to you Lord, promptly and sincerely.” The mind and the heart redeemed by Christ and offer back to Him in loving service are what John Calvin expounded in his theology. John Calvin is noted for his brilliant mind but not many know that he has a great heart. In the 16th century he reached out to the thousand of refugees who flocked to Geneva. The legacy of his reformed theology has influenced the world until today.

I never dreamed that Sarah would one day be studying in Calvin College. I had the rare opportunity to observe her professor lecturing Russian literature in her class. Soaking in every word the professor said, I realized that God has chosen the college for Sarah. My desire is that Sarah’s mind and heart will be molded according to God’s purpose and to become competent intellectually and compassionate emotionally. Education is more than downloading information and scoring with distinctions. All the professors I met praise Sarah for her academic excellence and her lovely character. I was joyful but humbled by the grace of God. I know the destiny that God has for Sarah -to walk in His way, to make Him known and to glorify Him wherever God may call her to be.

Seeing Samuel walking side by side with his sister Sarah in Calvin College gave me immense joy. Sam is intelligent, witty, creative and fun to be with. He has a kind heart. I found out last night when I was driving him home that he spent hours just to be with his friend consoling and counseling him. His good friend went through some tough time because of family problem. Sam would often help strangers in the public place when he saw their plight. The other night he was queuing for a taxi so that he could allow a Malay woman with her children to get into it. Others jumped queue and deprived the woman a chance to get a taxi home. Sam did not need the taxi as he was waiting for me to ferry him home. I still remember an incident in which Sam asked me to stop the car so that he could get out to retrieve a ball that was lying on the road. No passerby bothered to help while the children inside the police compound looked on. Many nights I overheard conversation that Sam had with his friends counseling them. One time he talked his friend out from committing suicide. He gave sound advice to his friends who went through puppy’s love.

I believe that Calvin College will be a perfect place for him. Sarah concurred. The admission director, Rosemary interviewed him and was impressed with this young man. It will be my dream comes through if I can take another photo with Sarah and Sam walking side by side in the campus. This photo posted is just a rehearsal. I will take exactly the same pose at the same spot on another day. It will certainly be my day.

“My heart I offer to you Lord, promptly and sincerely”


Anonymous said...

Hello Rev Wong,

Nice to know about you. Got to know your blog through Calvary Today blog. You are going to be pretty famous soon as your sharing on your experience at the 2007 Golf tournament to raise funds for Calvary Church is mentioned by someone in the latest post in, Where would Jesus give to in times like this?

You may want to check it out.

Ron Choong said...

FY, You are an excellent blogger. Godspeed in all that you do in the Kingdom.

Ron Choong