Thursday, October 4, 2007

Honoring a man of God

When Dr. David Gunaratnam & Christina walked into Wang Restaurant, the crowd applauded their presence and spontaneously sang 'happy birthday' song. David was astounded to see 150 friends crowded in a room with expression of appreciation written all over their faces. Russel and Dee and their two grown up children Joy and Andrew came from USA to grace the occasion. Joy later gave a speech to thank David for having impacted her parents. She had heard so much about David from Russel. Now she knew why her parents have so much admiration for this man of God. It was a night of great memories. Most of us have been impacted by David's life and ministry one way or another.

Fatt Sian & Teo Chew, who were TAR college students 27 years ago, took turn to narrate their stories how each has been mentored by David. David and Christina had not only opened their home to host many students but also shared their lives. David took pain to study Bible and guided them in decision makings. His professional, family and church life was a model. Today Fatt Sian, Teo Chew & many others are leaders in their own right because of the godly influence of David.

Pastor Tony Lim presented to David a book 'The Soul of Mission- Perspective on Christian Leadership, Spirituality & Mission in East Asia' edited by Dr. Tan Kang San. Kang San too was a mentee of David. Way back he was just a college student. He is now head of the missiological department in Redcliffe Mission Organisation. This book is a unique book with essays written by Western & Asian theologians, missionaries and pastors in honor of David Gunaratnam who celebrated his 70th birthday. I contributed a short article sharing my reflection on the impact of David's ministry on mentoring a young generation. His leadership is relatively a quiet one and yet impactful.

In an age where the public applauded celebrities, platform charismatic leaders, David's quiet leadership offers a new perspective and freshness of spirituality. We thank God for a man like David. He is indeed God's gift to His church.


Sarah said...

DADDY!!!! Welcome to the blogworld!!! I am very, very, very proud of you, and very honored to have the privilege of leaving the first comment here. =)

I'm so glad to hear of the special things people have done for Uncle David G. on his birthday. I can see how he has impacted you and Mum so much, and I think some of that influence has trickled down to me through both of you - especially the advise on marriage and stuff.

I know your blog will impact many people, just as your life has. Happy blogging and keep the flow of articles coming! We're rivals now! Hehehehe...

Miss you a lot.


The Hedonese said...

welcome to blogdom, pastor!

the news spread real fast :D

Tracy Tan said...

hi Pastor! welcome to the blogsphere and i second what david said - news sure spreads fast :)

Cynthia said...

haha... Rev Wong, Cynthia here visiting your blog.. Miss you and CDPC...

kaki.ayam said...

Pastor, don't know you much. But would like to ask one cheeky question - Why do you keep moustache? :)

I mean, of course this is your personal preference, but just curious, did anything or anyone influence you in keeping a moustache?

God bless.

~ Jules ~ said...

Dear Uncle Fong Yang, you are now officially the COOLEST PASTOR in Klang Valley and beyond! =)


Jack Said said...


Welcome to blogdom!!! Looks like your fans are very generous with their praises - coolest pastor in Klang Valley and beyond...

Hope to catch more of your thoughts here!

Jack Said

Wong Fong Yang said...

Dear friends,

You could see how much Sarah has influenced me. Constance thinks I am out of my mind. Sarah cheered me on. Frankly I am foreign to blogdom. I am much more comfortable with kingdom of God than blogdom of friends.

Nobody influenced me to keep a moustache. I started sporting moustache when I was 21 years old. Its greying now after 31 years of donning that part of my face. Kaki.ayam is curious for a reason?

Its scarry how news spread so fast. Ijust started my blog on Friday and the only person I told is Sarah!

Looks like we are all interlinked through blogs. Please let me have your blogs address.

Wong Fong Yang said...

How do you change the blog time? It says 1.29AM but its afternoon now. Please help!

kaki.ayam said...

- Goto
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As for our blog address, you can just click on our handle(underline name in blue) and you will see our respective blogname.

Happy blogging.

Wong Fong Yang said...

Thanks Kaki.ayam. But I still do not who you are!

kaki.ayam said...

sorry pastor, unless I start attending ur church, you would not know me...:P

let us be cyber brothers.....hehe

Yong Yi said...

Pastor has great influence over their flock, esp. the coolest one. Since my pastor is now at the cutting edge technology, I have decided to joint-venture with my wife in the blog world :)

Keep your articles coming!

Yong Yi & Sharon said...

HI, Pastor,
Welcome to blogworld!! u r the coolest, best-est pastor!

Will def be visiting ur blog often.. =)

kaeden_wz said...

Hey Dad!!! Great to know your starting a blog. I will definitely be frequenting this site...

Btw, Chee Meng says hi!... =D